As the marketplace websites are the emerging platforms to get the required services done, many entrepreneurs are interested in investing in these marketplace websites. Generally, creating and running a marketplace website is not as simple as seems. You have to do a lot of research. You have to study the scope for the business in your locality. The main struggle exists in developing the application.

But don’t worry. There are so many applications that have commenced and making a great business in the digital market. These websites have all the features enough to run an efficient marketplace website. Thanks to some smart developers, you have so many cloning scripts available for the popular websites. One such cloning script is the Thumbtack clone script.

It is the cloning script for the popular marketplace service site Thumbtack. Using this cloning script, you can create an effective marketplace website that can allow you to make an effortless business. However, you have to make good revenues out of the website. You have to attract more clients and users. Only an efficient web design is not sufficient to meet this goal. You have to make some strong strategies that can grab the attention of your audience.

You have to balance the strategies to attract the clients and to gain good revenue returns. For this, we are giving you some tips in this article.

What are the revenue sources?

The more revenue for a service website is coming from the client ( service professional). So,  we have to make some efficient strategies to get more revenue. You can get the revenue in the name of the subscription fee, transaction commission, advertisement captcha and ad banners. Among the all, subscription fee and transaction fee make a big deal. So you have to follow some strategies in this regard.

When you are commenced newly, no one cares for you. You have to grab your audience’s attention. So, at the beginning, allow your clients to list their services for free. This can intrigue more clients and the subscriptions will be more. But you need not give this freebie for a lifetime. You can confine it for a month or more. Then after, you can charge some definite amount for the subscription.

Meanwhile, the clients do make transactions with the users. For every such successful transaction, you can get your commission from the service expert. You can charge different rates of commission for different types of services. But, when the services are delivered offline you may struggle to charge the commission. For example, an electrician has served a user. But you cannot get to know, how much he has charged from the customer. In such cases, you need to take the commission beforehand. You can make it hiding the contact details of the customer from the expert. You only show the work details. If a professional feels he is fit for the job, he can quote for that. And to get the further details, he needs to pay for it.

In this way, you can get more clients and make more revenue from the marketplace site using the thumbtack clone script.