These days, many business organisations want to outsource their services. They want to find better service professional and get their service done at a low cost. This need for the companies is fulfilled by the entry of the service marketplace websites.

The online marketplace is a platform where businesses and consumers do the trade. Marketplace websites club all the services and the service providers those offer the services. Users can get these services with more precision and fewer costs ever. This is because of the competition between the service providers. The user pays the service charge once the service provider has delivered his service.

This service marketplace websites are easily made with the use of the thumbtack clone script.

This service marketplace websites are not confined to the large businesses only. They are extended to the various niche services right from gardening, housekeeping, plumbing, repairing to physical training, legal advising, technical advising and so on. In these busy lifestyle, people cannot do all their household works on their own. When they can afford to appoint an expert to do the job, they immediately consult the marketplace websites.

To make these marketplace websites, we need to take the help of the various cloning scripts like thumbtack clone script. This marketplace website can serve an unlimited number of users. These users can buy and sell different types of services. Rebrandone’s  marketplace scripts are of rich features to make your online presence more powerful. It can provide you bug-free, SEO friendly marketplace website.

You need no other programming knowledge as these cloning scripts are user-friendly. You can design your own website without the help of anybody. This is very easy to develop the website with all the features that thumbtack has.

Advantages of the cloning script:

  • you can develop your own website with ease.
  • You can all the salient features that a popular website would have.
  • You can get more revenue effortlessly.
  • You can serve your community by helping them fulfil their needs.

What are the features of the cloning script?

  • The cloning scripts allow you to make your website user-friendly. Anyone can navigate your website easily.
  • You can attach the review columns to the website. With the help of these tags, you can get to know your site’s performance.
  • You can get analytics from the search engines like google and bing. This analytic help you in making your website visible to the search engines.
  • The website made of the clone script is SEO friendly that can get you good SEO rankings.

What are the revenue models in the marketplace services?

You can earn revenue returns in several ways. They are like:

  • you can charge the subscription fee from the service professional.
  • You can get some fixed commission from the users and the professional for every successful transaction.
  • You can get revenue by posting the ad banners of service experts
  • you can post the advertisement captchas of captcha companies at the time of signing up into your website.